lunes, 25 de junio de 2012

SEQUREISP ¿el Mejor Software de Gestión de ISPs?

SequreISP es un software de gestión de ISP (Proveedores de Servicios de Internet).
El software permite gestionar el acceso a Internet garantizando calidad de servicio para los clientes
y maximizando la rentabilidad para el proveedor.


sequreisp is an ISP management software.
  • Has a really nice and powerful web interface
  • Can handle up to 3000 or more clients in a single server, thus it is oriented to small/medium ISPs
  • Can group multiple internet providers and do load balancing and failover between them (current record is 32 DSL lines balanced in a single server)
  • Supports all kind of internet providers, dedicated, DSL lines, cable-modem, etc.
  • Does a meticulous bandwidth control and traffic prioritization
    • Allows to set maximum and minimum(guaranteed) for download/upload traffic
    • Efficiently detects P2P traffic and allows to set a maximum as a percent of client’s bandwidth
    • Prioritization can be customized even to a per client basis
  • Integrates with Squid proxy to do transparent web cache(optional)
  • Has a plug-in interface, you can write your custom functionality in top of sequreisp
  • It is written in Ruby on Rails
  • And a lot more
    • Instant and historical graphs
    • Backup & restore from the web interface with a single and lightweight file
    • Port forwarding, full DNAT, and proxy ARP to clients
    • VLAN support
    • E-mail notifications
    • Role based authentication, with audit system
    • Multilingual support (currently Spanish and English, contributions are welcome)


There is an online demo of the application available
Pass: 1234

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